Emmergency Plumbing

Our emergency plumbing specialists will solve your problem quickly, with honesty and experience. Plombier Gatineau staff has all the necessary equipment to respond quickly and effectively to all urgent plumbing problems


Save money with new water efficient toilets. We supply and install.

Faucets, Tubs and Sinks

Nowadays, there are all kinds of faucets, some light to the touch, faucets with elegant design, modern and with all kinds of finishes.

Repair and installation services

We offer a wide spectrum of plumbing services in the Gatineau region, ranging from smaller plumbing jobs to the replacement of equipment and pipes, and everything in between.

We know all there is to know about plumbing!

We stand by our work – We offer a one year warranty on all repairs.

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WELCOME to Plombier Gatineau (CP & Son), THE #1 PLUMBER in the Outaouais Region!

Plombier Gatineau (CP & Son) is a company that offers all services related to plumbing. Our plumbers are certified within the Gatineau / Aylmer / Hull / Chelsea and Wafefield regions. We offer all brands of equipment and taps: American Standard, Crane, Kohler, Grohe, etc.

Advantages to a working relationship with Plombier Gatineau

Quick 60 minute service, available 24/7.

Certified technicians (Drug testing and criminal record checks).

We are prompt plumbing contractors who provide you with written warranties.

Instant pricing so you know what you’ll be paying before the work begins.


I have called Plombier Gatineau several times and I have always been pleased with their services and their speed. They came to my house and fixed my water leak problem. I will continue to use their services.

Anne R.

Plumbing Articles

5 Tips to find hidden water leaks

5 Tips to find hidden water leaks

If you live in an older Gatineau house, you need to be always observant of your plumbing system. When trying to find water leaks, we usually check in the most obvious places, like under the sink, searching for signs of mould or rancid smells. But sometimes, it is...

Common Plumbing Issues

Common Plumbing Issues

If you are a homeowner, you know that plumbing problems are common. Those problems can be caused by how you use and maintain your plumbing system or simply the ageing and wearing of your equipment. It is inevitable. At some point, you will have plumbing problems. In...

How to prevent and thaw frozen pipes

How to prevent and thaw frozen pipes

We are in the middle of the winter season in Gatineau, and the temperature remains as cold as always. As the cold stays below freezing, one of the many things winter can do to a house is cause frozen pipes. And that’s not even the worst. If you are lucky enough only...

Who to Call In Case of a Plumbing Emergency?

Who to Call In Case of a Plumbing Emergency?

Whenever we are called for a plumbing job, we always try to sort everything out quickly and get the job done as fast as possible. Sometimes we sort everything out within minutes and send plumbers within two or three hours. However, when we get emergency plumbing calls...

Checking your home’s water pressure

Checking your home’s water pressure

The easiest and most trusted way is to verify your water pressure via a specialized gauge. The use of the water pressure gauge is especially important because there is no one specific setting that is universally accepted by absolutely everyone. So it helps to put a...

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