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Sewer or drain backups are common problems for homeowners in Ottawa. Any form of backup has potential to cause extensive damage in the home whether it is in the sink, basement, tub, floor drain or in the toilet.

For example, sewer backup into the basement presents a huge challenge in cleaning up and getting rid of all the dangerous bacteria from sewer.

Ottawa Plumbing Service offers emergency plumbing services 24/7 to address sewer and drain backups and other linked problems. We avail emergency services at no extra costs irrespective of time of day. Our plumbers will be dispatched as soon as we get your call and make use of the latest technology to clear the blockage in the sewer or drain. They will also perform thorough cleaning of the home to clear all bad bacteria.

Choose one of the very Best – choose Plombier Gatineau

Choose Ottawa Plumbing Service to carry out sewer/drain backup repair. Our plumbers are the best in the industry and reputed for being friendly and exemplary in their work.

Call Ottawa Plumbing Service onĀ (613)317-1682 or send us an email now.