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In today’s modern era, there are all sorts of different types of faucets; some turn on just by touch (perfect for people who love to cook and children with sticky fingers!), elegantly designed faucets, modern faucets and faucets with a wide variety of workmanship.

You’ll be spoilt by the selection of contemporary faucets and taps.

Plombier Gatineau (CP & Son) uses products from the biggest manufacturers such as Moen, American Standard, Delta and Grohe. Our qualified technicians can assist you in compiling the preliminary renovation plans for your kitchen or bathroom.

For installation services and reliable advice.

Choose one of the very Best – choose Plombier Gatineau

Whether you have a blocked pipe, a leaky faucet, or a more severe drainage or pipework problem, you can trust the friendly and competent plumbing professionals from Plombier Gatineau (CP & Son) with all these issues.

Call our Gatineau plumbers today at (819) 317-0262 or send us an email now.