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Sewer line problems can be identified through the use of video technology which is clean and accurate.

The in-line video technology is effective in determining the status of the sewer line compared to snaking and routing.

The use of video cameras is also a proactive way of checking the status of all drains in your home.

The video camera inspections will help identify any obstructions and impediments such as roots, bad mortar connections, broke tiles, negative grade sloping, sludge buildup, in-line traps, pipe sagging, offset joints, and pipe cracks that affect proper flow and drainage.

The drainage system plays an important part of the home whether it is a new home, an older home or renovating the basement. The video inspection will be a small investment both regarding money and time and save you unnecessary worry and headaches. Contact Plombier Gatineau to do a video sewer camera inspection, and they will give you a good picture of how the drain looks like.

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