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Do you water your budding tulips in the spring and your lush lawn all summer?

In any event, you need a tap that’s in tip top shape for your garden hose, and, we can help!

Also, we can show you how to properly prepare your taps for winter at the end of fall, in order to make certain they don’t freeze or burst during the winter months.

Furthermore, for your own peace of mind, we recommend an outdoor water intake for the maintenance of your lawn. The model we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that it will not burst even if the hose is left outdoors.

We work for your well-being.

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Whether you have a blocked pipe, a leaky faucet, or a more severe drainage or pipework problem, you can trust the friendly and competent plumbing professionals from Plombier Gatineau (CP & Son) with all these issues.

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